Surgical Services


At the Forest Vet we offer a wide range of surgical procedures, both routine and emergency, following the latest research and guidelines to ensure we provide clinical best practice. Rachael, our Vet, performs all soft tissue procedures, and we have specialist surgeons for orthopaedics, cardiology, imaging and endoscopy. Click here.

Patients rest in the Bracken dog ward or Bramble cat ward until their procedure where they are taken to our purpose built theatre suite and then returned to the wards for recovery. Here they are accompanied by our “Nans” who read to and cuddle our patients, and each patient is given a hospital teddy to keep after their surgery, to make sure they are as comfortable as possible.

On arrival to the practice, the procedure will be fully explained to you in your surgical admissions appointment which will be between 8:45 to 9:00 am. A thorough pre-operative assessment of your pet will be made during this time and anaesthetic protocols discussed with you.

Post operatively, once the patient has recovered and we are happy they are stable, we carry out a discharge appointment with owners, where we discuss any medications, pain scoring and post-operative care, to ensure your pet has the best recovery possible. We also send patients home with Nutraflora, a probiotic that provides friendly bacteria for the dogs stomach to aid healing and promote the patient's immune system post-operatively.

Pain planning

At The Forest Vet our primary concern is the prevention of pain in our pets. This is the main focus of our pain planning service during surgical procedures and post operatively, but extends to every single condition that affects your pet. On admission for Surgery, our Vets will guide you through the pain relief provided and also how we score pain in the wards post operatively to ensure that every patient is as comfortable as possible. On discharge, you will be provided with these pain score charts to ensure that on the days following surgery at home that your pet is pain-free.


Every anaesthetic carries a risk and this varies amongst species. Our Vet Rachael has a special interest in anaesthesia and every patient is assessed on admission for an anaesthetic and given a risk score. For each surgical patient, we use the American Society of Anaesthesiologist (ASA) system to assess each animal pre-operatively and determine the risk category, varying from 1-5. For patients with a score of 2-5, we recommend a comprehensive blood screen pre-operatively, that intravenous fluid therapy is also used to maintain blood pressure and extra monitoring to adjust the anaesthetic as quickly as possible. Administration of fluids also helps promote a more rapid recovery.

For adult pets, we offer a liver and kidney preoperative blood check to ensure these are functioning before anaesthesia.

Bracken and Bramble Patient Wards

The Forest Vet has two equipped comfortable wards for both cats and dogs. Bracken our dog ward is situated completely separate from Bramble our cat ward. We feel here at The Forest Vet our feline friends can get stressed if they are not somewhere calm and quiet. Both wards have clean and comfortable kennels that provide a resting place for our in-patients post or pre surgery and treatments.

Cat in patient


Dog in patient