New registrations

Each new registration gets a free welcome pack full of information about common illnesses, as well as a helpful guide on surgery, vaccinations, feeding and insurance. Each welcome pack is tailored to that specific patient and their life stage, so we can help you to deliver the best care for your pet.

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New puppy/kitten

At the Forest Vet, we love to provide care and support throughout a patient's life - from a puppy to a geriatric animal! Getting a new puppy is an exciting time for any owner and at the Forest Vets, we can provide you with all of the knowledge and support needed! We offer Puppy and Kitten health checks, where we discuss diet, insurance, socialisation and preventative health care (as well as getting lots of cuddles!) These early visits are incredibly important, and we try to give the puppy the most positive experience possible!

We also provide puppy classes with our behaviourist and trainer Fiona. These teach your puppy the skills they need in life, and provide socialisation with other dogs of the same age.

To register your new puppy or kitten, please call us on 01825 766 006.

Download the Puppy Pack Booklet