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At the Forest Vet, patient care is our priority and we offer a unique, personalised approach to our consultations. Each of our consulting rooms is equipped with a seating area to discuss your pets presenting symptoms and history before the vet performs a thorough physical examination. We offer 15 minute or 30 minute consultations, by the owner's choice. This allows the Vet time to form bonds with our clients and our patients, as well as allowing animals to settle in to the consultation environment prior to their clinical examination.

During the consultation, our experienced vets will explain all the different options available to you and your pet with regards to further investigations and available treatments. Any decisions to be made will very much be decided together as the vets work with you on an individual basis to do the best for your pet. Our personalised approach means that you will have one vet that oversees your animals, so you are seeing the same person each visit for continuity of care.

RCVS Accredited Practice

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