Nurse Clinics

At The Forest Vet, we run Nurse Clinics with our Registered Veterinary Nurses, whose knowledge and advice provides support for you and your pet alongside that of the veterinary surgeons. These are one-to-one clinics where you can discuss your concerns and receive advice on preventative healthcare such as flea and worming treatments, tick removal, microchipping, nutrition, post op checks, weight and more.

Mobile Nurse Clinics

Mobile nurse clinics are available to provide individual home improvements for your pet. Assessing flooring, patient bedding and feeding areas all contribute to ensuring patients care at home is assisting them to continue to be happy and comfortable. This applies to those young patients with osteoarthritis and our older, geriatric patients who require a little further support at home during their final years. Mobile clinics to discuss diet and weight loss in the home environment allow for patient specific plans to be devised alongside an appropriate exercise protocol. Post operative physiotherapy at home enables patients to receive further care to support their recovery in the comfort of their own home. This both minimises stress for the patient travelling and ease for owners assisting their pet into transport following surgery. Claw clips, anal gland expressions, librela injections, solensia injections may all be booked as a visit from one of our Registered Veterinary Nurses.

Claw Clips and Administering Medications

Our experienced nurses can help with nail clipping, as well as helping to administer medications such as worming tablets or even daily ear drops if you are struggling at home.

Geriatric Clinic

To identify and prevent the development of age-related problems, our geriatric clinics are a chance to discuss with one of our qualified nurses about any concerns you may have. Under advice from the vet they can do blood and urine screens to check organ function. They can also advise on diet for the changing nutritional requirements of your animal as they get older.

Nurse Clinic

Osteoarthritis Clinic

As animals get older, they can develop painful joints just like in people. Our nurses can help if you are feeling concerned, by talking through key signs such as a reduction in exercise or place, stiffnes or lameness. They can talk through options to relieve symptoms such as therapy to ease pain, diet or joint supplements.

Fu's Fat Fighters

Obesity in animals places extra demands on their body and organs, which can lead to many problems, including arthritis, heart disease, increased blood pressure, respiratory problems, diabetes, decreased stamina, decreased liver and immune function, increased risk of cancer, decreased quality and length of life, and finally increased surgical and anaesthetic risk. Our weight management clinic offer regular appointments with one of our qualified nurses to monitor your pet's progress after an initial consultation to assess their weight and body score, to decide on a target weight and how to get there. The nurse will support you through the whole process, discussing diet and exercise plans that can be adapted as you go depending on the regular weigh ins.