Homeopathy and Holistic Consultations

Dr Sonya Leggett, BSc(Hons),PhD, BVetMed, VetMFHom, MRCVS – Holistic Veterinary Surgeon.

At the Forest Vet, we also provide a holistic, homeopathic service with our Vet, Dr Sonya Leggett. Sonya spends time with each patient and assesses symptoms and the patient's medical history, but also considers the patients character, emotions and environment, considering all the factors that impact the health and wellbeing of your pet to find the best remedy or treatment for that individual. Sonya offers a variety of different approaches or therapies, including:

Alternative Remedies

Where possible, Sonya seeks to find an individual, bespoke remedy to best suit your pet. Using her knowledge accrued over her many years spent as a Veterinarian, Sonya uses a holistic approach - including evidence based nutrition and herbal remedies within her treatment plans. Oftentimes, supporting conventional treatments with these more holistic remedies can provide an optimum cure for many conditions.


Inserting very fine needles at specific points in the body to stimulate physiological changes along energy channels called meridians, which help to resolve illness, relieve symptoms and re balance organ systems.


Some pets face ill-health and behavioural problems as a result of a diet that does not adequately meet their needs. Sonya offers nutritional advice to provide a specifically formulated diet. Holistic consultations take 30-60 minutes – or longer if the first appointment.

Please call The Forest Vet on 01825 766006 if you would like to see Sonya on a Tuesday or Thursday afternoon 2-5pm.