Dentistry is an important aspect to your pets overall health. Many people underestimate the necessity for dental hygiene. Bad oral health can cause pain and discomfort to your furry friend. At The Forest Vet we provide all the procedures necessary to keep your pets mouth perfectly pristine and pain free.

Dental problems will initially be assessed in a consultation with our Veterinary team, who will discuss with you the best course of action. This can range from advice on nutrition and teeth cleaning, to booking your pet an appointment for a dental procedure. We offer dental cleaning (“scale and polish”), as well as more surgical options where needed - such as tooth extractions. Dental procedures will be carried out under anaesthetic, so please see our “Surgery” page to read more regarding our facilities and risks.

Every pet that is admitted for dental procedures will have a full dental examination performed and given to you to keep in their Forest Vet folder. Advice will also be given to you to help prevent periodontal disease after the procedure and management in the future.

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