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Vicky Partridge

Telephone: 01825 766006

From a very early age I always carried a deep-set empathy and compassion for animals. Growing up I was inspired by my Grandad who had a small dairy herd in Brightling, East Sussex. His admiration for his animals instilled the ambition of mine to one day train to become a veterinary nurse. Growing up, I lived in Greece helping raise tourist donations for health care of stray cats and dogs. This led to me wanting to study animals and in 2013, I graduated from Hadlow with first class BSc (hons)in Animal Management.

After meeting my husband and wanting to start our own family, I decided to embark on a career in education as a science technician where i could utilise my skills in science and microbiology alongside raising our now 7 year old son!

For the last two years I have had the privilege of working with the cats at Raystede Centre for Animal Welfare where my care and dedication for welfare and feline behaviour could be executed. This inevitably led to the adoption of my two Raystede babies Xanthe and Wispa!

I feel very privileged to now be embarking on my lifetime goal at The Forest Vets and I am really excited to start training in the future.

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