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Dr Nicky Love

Telephone: 01825 766006

Nicky's entire family have always been huge animal lovers, which meant that during her childhood years they had many pets, including rats, rabbits, hamsters, dogs, cats and a goat. Nicky had the very fortunate experience of growing up on a poultry farm in South Africa, where she was further exposed to farm animals. This developed into a strong calling to become a vet.

Nicky qualified as a veterinarian in 2003 in South Africa and went directly into small animal practice. During her first couple of years in private practice she completed an honours in small animal medicine, which is where her main interest lies.

Nicky lives with her two dogs and two cats (who emigrated to the UK alongside). When Nicky is not walking her two dogs, she enjoys photographing insects, mushrooms and flowers. Nicky would summerise all her hobbies to 'involve a certain level of mud!'

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