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I came to The Forest Vet in December 2015 – what a blessing. My little 12 year old Buddy had been poorly for almost a year. He was not responding to the veterinary treatment elsewhere, so I sought a second opinion.

Here we are four months later- Buddy after extensive tests and an operation is now returning to good health. I was so impressed by Rachael and her commitment to getting to the route of the problem and the supporting team are so caring. They have created a different level of animal care within the practice. If only other vets followed, our pets would not be put through such stress.

During one of Buddy's check ups the opportunity to become a volunteer was discussed – and so I became 'Nana' to the animals waiting for and after their operations to help keep them in a calmer state. There is always a nurse at hand to check on them too.

I have observed some operations- what an experince! I am also picking up lots of valuable information just being around the team.

I am rewarded in the trust the animals give me as I talk to them and we cuddle up in their cages where possible. I am not Mum and Dad – just their friend giving comfort for a little while. It is great to hear how they are progressing on their post surgery visits.

How lucky I am to have my little man back to good health and to spend just a little time with some precious pets.

Forever grateful,
Carol & Buddy

Carol Anderson

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